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Would you like to partner with us to help promote your business or product?

There’s no better way to generate interest and attract new customers than by teaming up with a group of experienced and respected bloggers.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to get your new or existing product noticed by a wider audience.

We’re passionate about supporting and showcasing businesses within the camping industry or those that cater to campers. 

We especially love promoting locally made products and supporting small businesses.


People love reading reviews about the latest outdoor products and equipment that they might find useful on their next camping trip.

At Mr. Happy Camper, we write high-quality reviews providing our readers with completely transparent opinions.

Most camping items reviewed have been purchased by us. However, occasionally we’ll receive products from manufacturers for review.

Let us be clear that good reviews cannot be influenced. So, whether we like a product or not, our readers will always receive an unbiased opinion.


Looking for even more promotion? Just like TV, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of media, we offer display advertising.

Ads are not only a great way for advertisers to target a specific audience, but the revenue generated from advertising also helps us continue to create useful content. So it’s a win-win partnership.

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